The Gulen media empire

gulen erdogan

Newspapers, magazines, TV channels, film productions: the Islamic Fethullah Gülen movement owns a media empire in Turkey and in the world. Communication is a pillar of this movement, who promotes an idea of Islam behind the times, who, in the tradition, is able to match with technology, modernity, globalization and to use it. Thanks of his media and an extensive international network, composed of schools, cultural institutions, banks, financial and commercial structures, support networks able to affect political environments, since years Gülen movement is one of the most outstanding political player in Turkey, leaded by Akp party, of whom it was a strong ally, with whom now is on collision course. The monograph Gülen Media Empire, who contains Turkish, Italian, US authors’ essays, intends to analyse Gülen movement and its relations with media (TV, print, movies) with the purpose of spreading its ideology and its political and religious message. Through its media analysis, the monograph offers a look within the movement and its conflict with Akp, more generally on Turkish media and political Turkish scenario latest developments.



Essays written by Ruşen Çakır, Joshua Carney, Ragıp Duran, Joshua Hendrick, Lea Nocera, Semih Sakallı, Maria Concetta Tedesco, Fabio Vicini